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LeanFire Diet Aminos


UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL® LeanFire Diet Aminos was designed to deliver premium weight loss results while working to spare lean muscle. While helping you burn fat during workouts, too many other thermogenics also burn muscle. LeanFire Diet Aminos is different. In addition to advanced thermogenics, the formula also includes vital branched-chain amino acids to replenish essential compounds lost during dieting.

Furthermore, in addition to helping you double your weight loss‡, Verilean, the key ingredient in LeanFire Diet Aminos, has been clinically shown to improve the lean muscle mass to fat mass ratio by 2.5x vs. the placebo group (4.1%/0.7% vs. 1.6%/0.5%).

Rounding out the formula is Force Factor’s unique thermovigilance system, which is a specific, scientifically studied ratio of caffeine and L-theanine. This combination provides all of the energy, focus, and concentration benefits of caffeine while virtually eliminating dreaded jitters.

Stay on track and achieve your weight loss goals with smooth and flavorful LeanFire Diet Aminos. Incredible energy, a coveted 2:1:1 instantized blend of BCAAs, superior fat burning, and zero calories make this a must-have formula for any serious dieter.

‡ Results from a 60-day randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of African green coffee bean extract (Coffea canephora). Participants who took Verilean and maintained a low-calorie diet lost an average of 10.95 lbs. The placebo group only lost an average of 5.4 lbs.

Supplement Facts+

Mix 1 level scoop with 8 oz. of cold water and drink with your first large meal of the day. Mix 1 level scoop with 8 oz. of cold water and drink with your second large meal of the day. Do not take within 4 hours of bedtime.

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